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What are the differences between magnetic and electronic ballast?

In function wise, electronic ballast and the magnetic ballast is the same, but electronic ballast can finished the job in a much efficient way. Electronic ballasts are much more stable, have a higher energy output, efficiency, higher power factor and saves energy by 20%.

What certifications do Noctex products have?

All Noctex products are ETL, CE, and FCC certified.

Where can I find or order your products?

Contact us at 905-474-2255 or

How far from the lamp can the ballast be wired?

The lamps can be wired to a maximum of 20 meters.

Is the ballast flipbox friendly?



What does Noctex's Thermal Protection mean?

Noctex Ballast has a Micro Controller Unit (MCU), the MCU has a temperature sensor which will monitor the temperature of the ballast at all times. If the temperature of the sensor reaches 72 degrees Celsius, the fan will be on to cool down the temperature, if the ballast reaches 90 degrees Celsius, the ballast will shut down. This feature protects the ballast from over-heating.

What does the function "MegaBoost" do? How does it benefit my plants?

MegaBoost boost the energy output to 110% to 115%, making the light brighter. With brighter lights, the plane can grow faster.

Does Noctex ballasts have short-circuit protection and why is this important?

Yes. Noctex ballasts have a short-circuit protection that will protect the ballast from excessive current or voltage. This way, the ballast will have a lower failure rate.


How long does it take for the ballast to reach its full power?

The ballast takes about 5 minutes to reach its maximum power.

What is power factor and why is it important?

Power factor is defined as the ratio of real power flowing to the load. The higher the power factor, the more efficiency in energy usage.

What are the different lamp types a Noctex ballast can use?

All brands of good quality HID bulbs.