NOCTEX's Onyx System Ballast is a light management system that can wirelessly control a set of lights through your computer. The setup comprise of the following three elements: a computer, a transmitter, and a set of ONYX ballasts. A desktop (Windows only) interface is available for setups that use less than 250 lights and a web interface is available for setups that use more than 250 lights.  



The interface gives you complete control over your lights. To start off, you can wirelessly turn your lights ON/OFF, set them to a specific percentage of brightness, monitor the status of your lights for maintenance purposes and have complete control over your lighting environment. The biggest and most useful feature is the ability to create your own customized schedules. You can set an unlimited amount of schedule changes to turn your lights ON/OFF or adjust brightness to groups of or individual lights.

This system can be used in a wide variety of applications. Being able to schedule your lights mean you can maximize energy savings by setting schedules that fit your environmental needs.

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Each NOCTEX Onyx Ballast is fitted with a unique receiver node that communicates wirelessly to the local transmitter. If you do not require the management system, Onyx Ballasts are available without the receiver nodes. 

To inquire more or order an ONYX System, please contact us.