So why change your existing commercial lighting setup? Simple. Because it saves you money. Immediately. 

So how does it save you money? In 3 ways. 

Firstly, your electricity bill will go down significantly (details in CASE STUDY 1) if you are currently using magnetic ballasts. You will save up to 60% of energy consumption by simply switching from magnetic ballasts to NOCTEX's electronic ballast. 

Secondly, with the current government incentives, you will get back an approximate of 50% or MORE of your entire order. For forms and documentations please scroll down.

Lastly, a natural benefit that electronic ballasts have over magnetic ballasts is that light bulbs have their life span expanded to 3 times its original amount. So say if your average bulb lasts around 1 years time, the same bulb will last 3 years on a NOCTEX electronic ballast. There are certain brands of light bulbs that extend their warranty if you are using them on electronic ballasts. 

Light depreciation was also a main concern for magnetic ballast users which can make the light depreciate up to 40% of its original lumen output. The electronic ballast completely eliminates this problem by having the maximum depreciation of the bulb go down to 5%. In the end, not only do you have a more stable light source but you save yourself the cost of labor (to install new bulbs) and extra light bulbs.