Magnetic Ballast vs. Electronic Ballast

Following Ontario's standard for retrofit lighting, we'll be replacing 400W HPS/MH HID magnetic  ballasts with 250W HPS/MH HID electronic ballasts. For this example, we will assume the lights are running 24 hours a day.


To keep a magnetic ballast running at full power (400W), with efficiency only at 80%, we require 562.5W.


To keep Noctex's electronic ballast running at full power (400W), with efficiency at 94%, we require 265.W.


Now onto a few simple calculations: 

562.5W - 265.6W = 

296.9W (saved per hour)

296.W x 24hours =

7125.6W (saved per day)

Therefore, 7.1256 KW/h is saved per day.

7.1256 x 365 (days) =

2600.884 KW/h (saved per year)

If we take an approximate cost of electricity of $0.10 for each KW/h, you will save $260.09 per year per ballast.